Agricultural development and African philosophy. An introduction. 

‘Mozambican woman’ Pencil drawing by Birgit Boogaard (2014)

In May 2016, Dr. Henk Haenen invited me to provide a guest lecture at the School voor Comparatieve Filosofie Antwerpen (SCFA) as part of the course day he provided on ‘Orale tradities. Afrikaanse filosofie in intercultureel perspectief’ (in Dutch).

The group consisted of about 25 highly engaged Dutch and Flemish students. My lecture was entitled ‘Landbouwontwikkeling en Afrikaanse filosofie. Een introductie’ (Agricultural development and African philosophy. An Introduction). The aim was to illustrate the relevancy of African philosophy for agricultural development and to give some practical examples. The lecture was inspired by the work of prof. Heinz Kimmerle.

I used experiences from an agricultural research and development project in Mozambique, where I lived and worked two years as post doc. Photos from the field and one of my drawings of a Mozambican woman carrying a child and firewood illustrated my story (see left).




“I feel that we have to search for solutions together, to find out how the problems of development can be coped with, how development can be thought of as limited and culturally determined.”

Heinz Kimmerle 

In: Time and Development in the thought of Sub-Saharan Africa (1998, p.28)