What we can learn from women in rural Mozambique

The Dutch women’s organisation ‘Vrouwen van Nu’ in Zoetermeer  invited me to provide a public lecture on my experiences in Mozambique (in Dutch). There were about 60 – mainly female – participants.

The focus of the lecture was on women in rural Mozambique – and what we can learn from them. The evening consisted of two parts of each about 45 minutes. I started with setting the scene by showing a lot of photo’s of life in (rural) Mozambique. I used stories and anecdotes to illustrate concepts like ‘poverty’ and ‘hunger’ and the life of rural women in Mozambique. I also explained some of the challenges we face when we want to ‘help’ people.

After the break, during the second part of the lecture, I showed some research results, based on a gender study we did. I showed that ownership (e.g. of goats and money) isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Then we looked at our own situation… how are roles, tasks and ownership organised in our own household? It resulted in an interesting and engaged debate!

We closed the evening with an inventory of lessons we could learn from women in rural Mozambique. It was a beautiful evening and the participants felt very inspired.