Birgit Boogaard (photo by Anna Green)

I have an interdisciplinary PhD in Rural Sociology and Animal Production Systems and an Msc in Animal Production Systems and Communication & Innovation Studies from Wageningen University. I also have a teaching qualification from Wageningen University. I have a broad interest and the common denominator tends to be ‘the human face’ of sustainable development. That means to address the more social and philosophical questions related to sustainable development.

I worked for various research organizations including Rural Sociology Group (RSO) at WUR, Knowledge, Technology and Innovation group (KTI) at WUR, Animal Production Systems Group (APS) at WUR, Wageningen Livestock Research (WLR), and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). My research resulted in various scientific publications as well as research reports and training materials (see main publications).

At ILRI, I had a post-doctoral position for which I lived two years in Mozambique. In addition, I’ve lived and worked in Norway (Ås), Brazil (Araras), and the Gambia (Bansang). I have a working proficiency in Dutch, English, and Portuguese, and I speak basic Norwegian.

I feel greatly inspired by the work of late professor Heinz Kimmerle on intercultural philosophy with a focus on African philosophy. He passed away on the 17th of January 2016 at the age of 85. It was an honour to have met him and be friends. I feel a deep internal wish to connect his work with agricultural development – as it would enrich both fields and open up new ways of thinking – and thereby follow his method on intercultural dialogues. I will keep you updated on this research.

Art plays an important role throughout my life. I’ve always been drawing and painting. At my artist website you can take a look at some of my paintings. In 2014, I followed an Orientation Course at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague. Subsequently, I followed a course on graphic design with Adobe Illustrator (2015) and Adobe Indesign (2016). Under portfolio, you can find examples of recent illustrations.